Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Teens talk back

I thought this was going to be an easy thing to research but upon starting I found that it was actually kind of hard. I'm not sure if I just wasn't using the right words to search or if there really isn't a lot of teens representing themselves.

I ended up choosing to research sexting. It is a rather new phenomenon that effects teens and adults. It can ruin anyone's reputation or worse. Depending on state laws, children under the age of 18 caught sending nude pictures to people without consent is considered child porn. In some states being convicted of child porn can put someone on the registered sex offenders list for life.

I found a video of teens talking about sexting and laughing and asking the reporter if he wanted to see the pictures. I think this is crap. Like do teens not realize the severity of being on the sex offenders for life????

I then found a video of teens acting concerned about these issues. These teens want to make a difference. They understand how fast anything can go viral via the internet.


These videos and the topic remind me of our course theme that youth is a culturally constructed category. I hate to say it because of how inappropriate it is but sexting is almost a "norm" amongst our generation. Somehow it became socially acceptable to send naked pictures and unfortunately it has very big repercussions for offenders.


  1. This is really sad because it makes people into body parts, not people. Someone is just a penis picture or nude selfie. It's not right. Personally, i would never want to send a picture like that to someone like these kids do--it's so casual and it's done with a very strong possibility of sharing. Why would you do that if you know people see it as something stupid or funny?

  2. Yeah, I kinda forgot about the sex offender thing too. I personally dont see what the big deal is with sexting - like why people do it, I mean. I just feel like that would be hella awkward. like hey what's your name HERES MY COCK :]