Sunday, April 6, 2014

side note: PRINCESS!?

so im sitting in my room casually reading a book and taking notes for another non-related class and the tv is on and the movie 13 going on 30 is playing. im not really watching but every so often i pause the reading and watch the movie. well the movie just ended and all i could think about is our lesson on princess culture. jennifer garner grows up, realizes her life pretty much sucks (she is best friends with her middle school enemy and the man of her dreams is marrying some other woman) but lucky for her she is able to turn back time and change her life and not be friends with that mean girl and kisses the boy. FLASH FORWARD from age 13 to age 30 and the 2 are getting married. the last scene is them moving into a new house and they take a break and sit on the couch and cuddle. BAM! end of movie. HELLOOOOOOO? princess much? maybe not the typical crown princess we talked about in class but come on, she gets the man at the end of the movie. i just wanted to say that i am pretty much now forever ruined in my ability to watch a movie in a non-princess judgmental way.


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