Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cinderella ate my daughter...

I am literally dumbfounded and I haven't even made it past the second page. I had heard and read a little bit about the whole Disney Princesses and their effects on young girls but I had never read it so bluntly before. The marketers for these princesses literally think "what would a princess want?" and they make it and young girls come screaming (or crawling) to their beck and call! and actually buy it!

I liked how the author is telling a story about her daughter and even makes references to her own childhood. When the author was a child it was very insulting (to most people) to be called a princess. It commonly referred to a spoiled brat who spent Daddy's money. Her daughters generation however, it was acceptable to be a princess. I think in our generation, TODAY, being called a princess reverts to its old definition of being a spoiled brat. I would rather be called a cold hearted bitch than a princess.

I like how the other mothers in Daisy's preschool class allowed the princess costumes into their house (mostly to keep children busy on playdates but as a parent can you blame her?) but not the princess story. But how do you keep the story from a nagging young girl who asks why to every fact? Where do these princesses come from if not from their castle of sorts from the story/movie?

The author then goes into the topic of girls vs boys stereotypes. Boys can only do and like boy things and are pressured by their peers and their fathers. Girls however can do and like girls and boys things. This is such an old topic but I feel like it is still so much important. Especially because girls nowadays are growing and learning with this notion that they themselves can be princesses when in reality they cant. Boys are also growing and learning that expressing any sort of feminism is a royal sin.

I could go on and on about my feelings about this topic. It should not be set as an example to growing minds that more bling is better (the less popular princesses have the least bling-Mulan, Pocahontas). Or that you need a man to rescue you and keep you sane (all princess movies-Snow White). It is so ridiculous.

I know this might be a little long but please click my hyperlink and watch the youtube video. It directly relates to what we are talking about with princesses. It is pretty interesting that people are taking a stand.


  1. I like your first paragraph and agree completely!!

  2. I also mentioned in my blog about how I liked how the pre-school mother allowed her child to know what Disney characters are but not the whole story. I can relate, I think I would do the same thing if I was a mother.

  3. I agree with you when you say that our generation today still uses the old and "insulting" definition of what a princess is and I thought the same thing while I was reading.

  4. I agree with you, it is shocking that these children are learning such things. A man doesn't need to save you and take care of you for that matter. For once it would be nice to see a princess or any character (female) be applauded for being successful without a man.

  5. completely agree with the term princess. Spoiled brat who never had to work for anything she has, drained her parents pockets, and walks around like she owns shit.